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Buckeye Tiki Bar

Welcome to the World Famous Buckeye Tiki Bar! Completed in Spring 2010, the Bay Lodging Resort's Buckeye Tiki Bar is the offical gathering spot for all things Buckeye! Whether you are just meeting old alumni friends or rooting the Bucks on Saturday against a dreaded Big 10 foe, you are sure to have a blast at the Buckeye Tiki Bar. We offer 2 big-screen HDTVs at our Buckeye Bar so that no one will miss a play. And in the cooler autumn months, we have gas-heaters to keep everyone toasty warm while drinking a cold frosty beer during the game.

We are proud to be the only bar on the island to ever serve Buckeye Beer to our patrons. Unfortunately, due to increased costs and low demand, we no longer carry it at the Buckeye Bar but still proudly display the Buckeye Beer neon sign. On the "sweet-bitter" continuum, Buckeye is on the "sweet" side, but not obnoxiously so. Buckeye Beer was around from 1838 until it was absorbed by Miller Brewing Company in the early 1970's. Miller moved the brewing location out of the Toledo area and killed the label. However, the Maumee Brewing Company has re-created the original beer. You can probably find it at craft beer stores in your area.


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